Casa 53-76

︎ - Our house, in the middle of the street - 

Casa 53*76 was born in September 2010 as a project of the LED Experimental Design Laboratory. It arises from the need of spaces in Bogotá where a dynamic and constructive meeting of ideas that promote culture is possible, without the stiffness of an academic environment, nor the absolute dispersion of a commercial establishment.

It was a recreational space for creativity and cultural content. Meeting around the table served as an an opportunity for projects and an excuse for dialogue. Casa 53*76 proposed a space for attentive listening to interference.

︎ Role in the project  
+ Graphic design
+ Visual identity
+ Web design
+ Web master
+ Video & illustration

︎ 2010 - 2014 

   ·   2020 - Javier Gamboa  ·